Review: ROCCAT ISKU/FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard

A few weeks ago, my wife spilled diet cola on my good ‘ole Microsoft keyboard. My keyboard was about 15 years old and well loved. It was white in color. I replaced it with the bottom of the line keyboard from Best Buy.

The Best Buy keyboard turned out to be junk. Every time I typed on it, I had to move it to a new USB port or the characters that it typed were different than the keys that I would press. After struggling for a few weeks with this keyboard, I loaded the family into the car and went to Fry’s to get a better keyboard.

After browsing the selection at Fry’s I discovered two facts. First nobody seems to make a white corded keyboard and second Microsoft no longer made the style that I had been using. After 45 minutes, I finally selected the ROCCAT ISKU/FX Multicolor Gaming Keyboard.

This keyboard is way beyond what I need but I like that the keys are lit and that I can pick colors for the keys. I don’t need the programmable macros for gaming. I like that I don’t have to use my Ikea desk lamp to be on my computer at night.

The software driver is quite versatile. The only change that I needed to make other than the key color is the software does not default with the Cap Lock key being functional. It must be manually set in the software to behave normally. It was a pain to log into my Windows 8 PC without the Cap Lock key.

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