Windows Live Toolbar beta

I downloaded Microsoft’s “Windows Live Toolbar beta” last night. The toolbar does things that neither the Google or MSN toolbar will do plus, it works with Windows XP Professional x64. Yahoo! (This is a celebratory expression and not a reference to any Internet company utilizing this name grin )

The toolbar memorizes passwords on web pages, a common enough Windows feature that no other toolbars support on 64 bit systems. It also has an RSS reader, integrated desktop and web search, e-mail, anti Phishing Filter, improved pop-up blocker, and a new feature called ”Onfolio”.

Onfolio is a new tool for research. It looks like it will prove handy once you figure-out how it works. Microsoft summarizes this tool:

Onfolio is a tool for the serious online researcher. It provides a way to easily save, organize, and share all sorts of data you find on the Web, including links, entire Web pages, portions of pages, e-mails, and Microsoft Office documents.

The RSS Reader is simple to configure. Go to a web page with an RSS feed, right click RSS icon on the page and select Copy Shortcut, open Onfolio Deskbar, click on down arrow on rightside of Add, then click on Add Website Feed, and paste shortcut and click OK. If the program can read feed, it will be added to list in Onfolio Deskbar, if the program can’t read the feed, try another on the page and see if it works. On some sites I was able to use Atom feed but on others it would not work and I had to use RSS 2 .

The Form Fill feature needs to autodetect the fields for username and password. When you fill-in username and password and then hit Enter, a box will pop-up asking you if you want the program to memorize the logon information. Manually inserting them into the program did not work on the websites that I tried.

The toolbar is probably a way of letting us beta test some “bells and whistles” that come standard with Windows Vista. The documentation is limited but I recommend you give it a try.