Site Restored After Botched Upgrade

Yeah! The site is up and running again.

Thanks to the support staff at pMachine I am now running their new version of the blogging software.

It was a combination of the 50-50 90 rule and my .htaccess file going belly-up.

For those that don’t know, the rule above states that for any fifty-fifty option, there is a ninety percent chance of choosing the wrong action. I had a choice of two files from which to pick to upgrade the site and per the above rule, I picked to wrong one.

I then updated my Black List (blocked IP and URL files) and in the process trashed my .htaccess config file. Last year in a three month period I had over one million hits on the site due to spammers. That is why I dumped the other blogging program and went with pMachine’s Express Engine.

Look at this support thread if you want to fix SQL Errors while upgrading Express Engine.