Just in Time for the Holidays, Fishing for Impeachment

Its fishing season in Washington D.C.

Game Warden: Patrick Fitzgerald

Bait/Sacrificial Lamb: I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby Jr.

First Prize: George W. Bush

Second Prize: Carl Rove

Rules: None

After two years of being unable to prove that a crime that was ever committed, Warden Fitzgerald decides Scooter is the weakest link into the White House. Scooter gets drawn and quartered on national television. As his life blood is leaving him and the Beltway sharks gather around his corpse, Scooter is told that his only chance to live is to roll-over on Carl Rove who will be scared of a prosecutor who thinks Martha Stewart got off easy and in turn offer-up his boss, George W. Bush. The game ends when a lonely President has been stripped of his key officials and is forced from the Beltway in disgrace never to return again.