War on Terror

John Kerry the Beltway Buffoon

November 3, 2006

John Kerry this week outlined why Republicans need to be returned to power in Washington. You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and do your homework, and make an effort to be smart, uh, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq. This glimpse […]

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Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

October 4, 2006

Is it time for the other shoe to drop? I have the same feeling now that I did prior to the terrorist attacks in September of 2001 and the election of 2004. Our politicians are spinning their wheels on petty and stupid stuff. The media and the pundits are salivating over the politics of an […]

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Israel Looses-Unilateral Surrender

August 15, 2006

“When you gonna wake-up and strengthen the things that remain?”  –Bob Dylan Israel has failed in its war against terrorists in Lebanon. As a result, Iran and Syria have been emboldened to project even more power in the Middle East. This will result in more terrorist attacks in Israel and Europe. Radical Islam has proven […]

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Halfhearted War

August 11, 2006

Israel continues its halfhearted war against Iranian sponsored terrorists. Their Prime Minister would make the French proud. He is looking for every excuse to surrender instead of fight. He is conducting this war with all the principle that John Kerry tried to bring to the White House in 2004. It begs the question of whether […]

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Israel At War

July 19, 2006

Thanks to Israel for opening up a front on the terrorists next door. Iran and their pawns need a good spanking. It is time you retook some of the land that you unilaterally abandoned to the Palestinians. I just hope that the United States is providing some assistance to your efforts. Read Yoni’s Blog at […]

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Could It Be a Bomb that I Saw?

June 28, 2006

Last night I was taking the baby for a walk. We did the usual watching birds and greeting people walking their dogs. Towards the end of our walk, we did come across something rather unusual. There were two unattended backpacks lying together on the grass in the park by our house. They looked like the […]

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Army Bans Body Armor

March 31, 2006

At a time when the Army is getting hammered by the American media for the war in Iraq, the Army has provided more ammo to its detractors. The Army in its infinite wisdom has declared that no body armor that has been privately purchased by soldiers will be allowed. In the wake of years of […]

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Abdul Rahman Highlights Afghanistan’s Darkside

March 23, 2006

Abdul Rahman is on trial for his life.  His crime is believing in Jesus. Like most Middle East countries, it is illegal to convert to Christianity. The punishment is death. This type of thing happens all the time in that part of the world. Normally, those that don’t recant their faith will be executed and […]

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Update: Islamic Attacks In Nigeria

February 22, 2006

Reaction of the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, The Most Revd Peter Akinola on recent events in Nigeria 1 Having watched with sadness and dismay the recent development in some States in the Northern part of this Country where many Christian Churches and other property have been wantonly destroyed by some Islamic fundamentalists, […]

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Islamic Cartoons

February 7, 2006

This is one of the phoniest issues that I have ever seen. These cartoons were published in September of 2005 and are just now getting protested. If you want to know the truth just follow the money to see who is financing the �brute squads� terrorizing embassies and burning flags. Syria has already been fingered […]

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