Voter Response for Splitting the Vote

In photo above, Mike Franco hurls cell phone at Spencer Hutchings.

Post election consequences.

Just when you thought it was safe to resume your life again, things take a turn into the Twilight Zone.

Enter one, Mike Franco. Mike is a member of PAC PAC. PAC PAC is the Politically Active Christians PAC. PAC PAC is the same group that I blogged about last week that did the seminar on Christian Nationalism not being Christian.

It seems that Mike was not happy that Spencer Hutchings and Jane Sauter split the conservative vote. Their combined vote total was more than incumbent Mark Sauter got in Tuesday’s election. So, Mike went to Spencer’s place of business and proceeded to assault him and some guy named Dan Rose.

The best part is that it was captured on video.

Today, a man that is reportedly a member of the Politically Active Christians (PAC PAC) entered a local gun shop bitter and enraged over the election results from earlier this week.

Mike Franco has been arrested by Bonner County Sheriff’s office pending multiple charges, including assault, battery, destruction of property, and likely more charges.

Two victims were taken to the hospital, including Spencer Hutchings, owner of Sheepdog Supplies Gun Store, and Dan Rose, currently an independent candidate for State Senator. Hutchings is a former candidate against Franco’s chosen candidate, another PAC PAC member.

BREAKING: Recoil from This Week’s Elections

You can’t help but wonder if Republican candidates would be less inclined to split the vote if more people like Mike gave them a piece of their minds.

Oh, both PAC PAC and Bonner Votes (Bonner is the county just south of mine) are run by the same group. Both URLs are linked to the same PAC PAC video.

Please note that the assault shown above was at a gun store. I don’t know if that’s a criminal enhancement in Idaho but I’m sure it would be in Elk Grove.