Fraud of North Idaho Republicans Unmasked

When you live in a small town that is two hours away from the nearest television station, has no local radio station, and a once or twice weekly newspaper that you’ve never read, how do you run a political campaign? Oh, sorry Sith Lord but you can’t go door-to-door here. If a property is posted and you trespass, the owner is within his rights to defend his property, Second Amendment style. Also, the voters do not get a sample ballot from election officials.

The cumulative effect of all the above is that yard signs and Facebook are the go-to ways to get your message out. However, who is the consultant, interest group, or candidate presenting you with campaign info? Usually, you never know unless they tell you or somebody outs your cute sounding grassroots name as a George Soros front.

Such is the case for the group North Idaho Republicans. From reading their website contents they try the tired and worn-out slogans of lower taxes, less government, and so forth but are they really? If you read the contents of attached articles and not the generic GOP talking points you will find that they favor lifting abortion restrictions, want more taxes and larger government, and favor trans children and other not Republican stuff. All the while they are saying they are the real and reasonable conservatives. Clearly a person cannot be both unless they are named Romney or Bush. Looking at this site its easy to smell the rats but when you try hitting them with the light of examination, they scatter like cockroaches when you turn on the lights.

Some enterprising people looked into the group and identified the participants behind North Idaho Republicans (NIR). Wow. This will blow your socks off. Of course, this info was so good that they had to make their own website just to expose the folks at NIR.

Introducing the Gem State Heist dot Org.

Who’s Behind The Heist?

Big Boise money, Democratic activists, woke liberals & Never Trumpers are trying to steal your grassroots conservative, ‘Make America Great Again’ Kootenai County Republican Party. They call themselves ‘North Idaho Republicans’. Do you think the people below represent your values?

Folks, what you are about to read is remarkable.

Christa Hazel

Not only does she hate Trump, but she was the leader of Idaho Women for Biden.

The pull quote they use from the Coeur d’Alene Press is a real zinger.

Hazel . . . thinks Kamala Harris is one of the most qualified vice presidential candidates the country has ever seen.

The stuff from her Twitter feed is incriminating as well:

From 2020

A major reason I’m fired up, left the Republican Party & willing to work my ass off to elect @JoeBiden is because…

From 2024

… North Idaho Republicans like myself are proud of.

Do you get the chronology?

She was a neverTrumper in 2020 and quit the Republican Party to support Biden but is back now to campaign for RINOs.

Oh, on the North Idaho Republican website it says, “Christa Hazel is … a lifelong North Idaho Republican.” Yeah, sure. if your lifetime is as long as a slug and you believe in reincarnation.

Mike Baker

Mike served on the board of North Idaho Pride Alliance which advocates for drag queen story hour for kids and Pride in the Park in downtown Coeur d’Alene. As CEO of Heritage Health, Mike is “dedicated to providing high quality care for transgender and gender-diverse patients” which ostensibly includes children.

The pull quote, again from the Coeur d’Alene Press is a real zinger.

Together, we can dismantle the outdated structures…that have hindered our collective progress.

Translation: we need to teardown the outdated Christian (Western) Culture because it hinders Marxist collective progress.

Damon Dajarky

Twitter posts by him are really damning.

We need a more balance of Democrats, and bipartisan politics in Idaho! Make the process more inclusive and diverse we need this in our state.

I have some very good Democrat friends who register as Republicans so they can participate in the primary process how is that fair to them.

He also is pro-transexual and hates Trump.

Jack Riggs

Jack has made it onto my blog before when he supported the false claims of racism related to the NCAA women’s tournament in Spokane. Damon Dajarky also supported the hoax claims to further his politics. Jack’s quote from the Coeur d’Alene Press might look familiar.

The empowerment of bigotry and racism threatens the very fabric of our community” (Coeur d’Alene) “ . . . these incidents are not just isolated problems. They remind us of the worst parts of our past, like the 1920s Klan.

Oh, better yet, Jack’s daughter is a partner in the Satanic Temple Idaho.

Trent Clark

Trent is the “bag man” or money guy behind North Idaho Republicans. He was a lobbyist and like others, supports woke ideology. He is a big supporter of illegal aliens and is on the Public Television board.

Marc Stewart

Marc is a rainbow warrior that hates Trump. No surprises there.

Russell Mann

Russell has a Twitter post that needs explanation.

Cheri Zao is a much better choice for conservative Idaho Republicans.

Why is this troubling? Well Cheri is Treasurer of the Kootenai County Democrat Central Committee. So how is she a better choice for “conservative Idaho Republicans”?


In conclusion, North Idaho Republicans is in fact run by Democrats, RINOs, and neverTrumpers.

Welcome to the wacky world of Idaho politics.