Dominic “The Grapist” Foppoli Gets Off

Blogger note:  This blog has been pretty harsh on Dominic and we will admit he was not charged with a crime.  We were threatened with a lawsuit by one Martin Woods, more on that later.  While we admit he should have been charged with rape, we will retract any statements on this space claiming him to be guilty.

That being said, this blogger is taking no prisoners today.

Dominic Foppoli was not charged with a crime.  Our weak-kneed Attorney General Rob Bonta (or his staff) put out statement as such on 3/28. 

“At this time, we don’t have enough evidence to warrant filing charges on the cases not barred by the statute of limitations,” a spokesperson for Attorney General Rob Bonta said in a written statement. “However, our investigation remains open, and we urge anyone who believes they may be a victim or who has evidence to come forward.”

Former Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli, accused by multiple women of sexual assault, will not face charges, says California Attorney General

That word salad makes Dominic think he is innocent.  Not by a longshot.  It simply put means they didn’t meet a standard where they feel they can achieve a conviction.  In essence they punted and I guess are waiting for more survivors to come forward.

I will say I have more questions than answers at this point.  Why did the investigation take 3 years?  Why did it take 7 months to get a search warrant?  Everyone was left twisting in the wind; both survivors and the accused.  The police seized several items in the search of his home that day… none of it could lead to charges?

I think I have the answer, but no facts to back it up. 

Dominic was a very large fish in a small town.  He throws a great party for the elite.  I’m sure he had political and social relationships with those in the Sheriff Department and the District Attorney (not Ester Lemus) office.  If it was anyone but a sitting Mayor wouldn’t they be in handcuffs? (real ones not what could be used in the bedroom).  Likely locked up in a county jail, likely with a very high bail amount?  Would the search warrant take 7 months? An investigation 3 years?  I’m not going to point the finger at anyone in particular but anyone think it’s odd the sitting DA (at the time) punted the investigation to the Attorney General?  The conflict of interest cited to me doesn’t pass the smell test. 

I do wish to point this out to Dominic.

I do not think you truly knew how great you had it.  You got elected Mayor of Windsor.  You had a lot of good press locally during the wildfires.  You got appointed to the Golden Gate Bridge District.  That’s a plum job where you get exposure to the highly populated parts of the Bay Area, not the sparsely populated North Bay.  A State Assembly or Senate career was likely within your grasp.  You have massive personal wealth you inherited.  You own a winery and an estate among other businesses.  You could be on various elected clubs and boards that don’t pay because you don’t need the cash.  Your wealth would scare away potential opponents in your path.

Then you threw it all away.

I’m not sure you understand the optics of the accusations against you.  The allegation made by the intern at your winery is gross at best, and predatory at worst.  The allegation from the than 18 year old in Montana is gross as she would be 20 years younger than you!  The taking off of the woman’s bikini top or bottom at your estates spa is disgusting.  The allegations against you from the 20-30 active club are something else!  You used a social networking group as a menu for who you wanted sex with!  A fellow Mayor accused you of unwanted sexual acts!  A fellow councilmember as well. 

Sure you were not charged but the stories all paint a bad picture of you.

Dominic, I think you could learn a lot from self-reflection on the last 20 or so years of your life.  You have a lot of money and assets.  Everything you wanted in life you got, you either had the status, the AMEX black card or some other form of currency to make it happen.  You are proud of your Tesla; I must admit the idea of having all those cool things appeals to me.  You never realized your assets were also your biggest liability in life.  You have always gotten what you want, as mentioned above, but you have no luck with the ladies.  This bothers you… so much so you decided you would revert to your only way of knowing how to get what you want.  Use any means necessary.  No is not an acceptable result for you.  Whether you think these encounters were consensual or not, the stories tell a bigger story… you are a loser with the opposite gender.  When you were in college you always went after females much younger than you… there was a reason you got older every year, but the freshman coeds stay the same age.  Not every girl who smiles or says hi to you wants to have sex, but who am I to change your perception.

You made a comment about coming back to Windsor and rebuilding old relationships and friendships… yeah ok.  Good luck, you are now damaged goods in a way you will never understand.  Your fellow Democrat electeds jettisoned you for a reason, you are an untalented barnacle on the whale of society.  You needed to be gone.  Your lack of self-awareness was on full display when you decided to still chair a zoom meeting as Mayor even after everyone wanted you gone.  Your smug look the entire night was next level… your constituents hate you and dragged you to filth.  It appeared to be the first time in your life you told a lie and no one actually believed it.  Also understand active 20-30 is now being dragged by your actions… pretty cool you are taking other groups down as well. . Sure you may have a collection of friends, drifters or loners who buddy back up to you. However the joke will be on you, most will find you politically and personally toxic to be around. Your political career is toast, and the stories about your demise will be on the internet far longer then you will be on this earthly plane. Google dot com is now a mortal enemy of you. Sure, you were never charged, but the stories paint an ugly portrait. One that even your vast net worth cannot change.

As far as your political career getting a reboot, maybe in Windsor you can carve out a district for yourself as a city councilman, but you are done.  Your family business is in ruins.  Your best friend sic’d an attorney on me and I didn’t even know his last name!!!!  His attorney Martin Woods could have remained silent and had folks think he isn’t too bright… yet he opened his mouth and removed all doubt.  Check the blog folks, I never named his client’s last name.  Woods did in the comment he left.

I’ll leave you with a comment from Dominic’s brother….

The accusations were too much for his older brother Joe Foppoli, chief operating officer of the family’s Christopher Creek Winery, who announced that Dominic had been relieved of his CEO duties at the winery, expressing disgust at his younger brother’s “promiscuous lifestyle” and lack of “moral character.”

Lack of moral character…. promiscuous lifestyle.  That’s the real Dominic.  Oh, by the way, we had another survivor reach out recently. We look forward to hearing her comments on this as well.

The Chief

Editor’s Comment: Why does this situation with Dominic Foppoli make me think of Alex Murdaugh? Money, wealth, power, small town, unspeakable acts, favorable (special) treatment by law enforcement; guess its just coincidence. Dominic, there is a reckoning coming, either in this life or the next. “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” Luke 8: 17.