Troubling Future for our Medical Field (USA)

This blog has admittedly been a long time coming but now that my doctor has retired and moved back to his home country, I feel I can get away with it.  I had this doctor for about 20 years of my life. He is from a part of the world where most of our doctors came from 20 or so years ago.  I am trying to conceal his identity as most of the items I list in this blog were told to me by him verbatim and I wish no ill will on him.  He chose to retire, not to a different state, or part of the US but back to a country I do not hold in high esteem as developing.

My doctor and I grew to be friends, and I value his wisdom, I ask you to really set aside any preconceptions you have and listen to his commentary.

  1.  Our best and brightest no longer want to be doctors.  Six/seven figure student loans are the norm, then you must either: buy a practice (adding more debt) or join a health network and be an employee.
  2. Medicine is dictated from the top down, not via peer reviewed research.  You may remember the Covid-19 shot, and if you refused you were a whacko.  No dissent is allowed.  If you speak out your medical license could be revoked.  Worse yet, if you are an employee, you get muzzled and terminated. 
  3. Don’t believe point #2? Most hospital boards are run by lawyers now.  Check it out yourself.
  4. The debt issue: my doctor was never really in debt, so he could bill for only needed expenses. New doctors must bill for “extra services, not likely essential” knowing your insurance will pay.  As my doctor states, this is now routine practice not an outlier. 
  5. Distribution of prescription drugs is at unsustainable levels.  Go to your doctor, tell him you are experiencing pain/anxiety/depression etc.  He will find a pill for you.  We have a current shortage in Adderall pills right now. Adderall is used for focus/attention disorders. I have read zero about an increase in folks with diagnosed ADD/ADHD. 
  6. Mental Health Blarney:  Again, his words, we have folks walking in wanting a diagnosis simply to essentially “pull the mental health card” at work or at school.  He had a client who didn’t like his answer in diagnosing so this person traveled all the way to Modesto (3 counties over) to get a medical pot prescription. 
  7. Prescription drugs = lawsuit.  Ever see the ad on TV…ask your doctor if_____ is right for you?  Kinda weird right? You go to a guy with a medical license and you’re trying to tell him what to prescribe to you?  Well, I guess that’s why you pay for internet and cable right?  Yup.  The bad part about those “ask your doctor ads”? The ad that comes later is “did your doctor prescribe ____ and you experienced any of these symptoms? Call 1-800-bad-drug now!”  Yep, that “ask your doctor” drug got sued and now a 10-figure settlement has been reached.
  8. Medical Malpractice Insurance is too expensive: it’s easier and cheaper to settle than litigate.  My doctor was sued 10 times in the past decade for largely dubious claims; however, in each case the lawsuit was settled for literally pennies on the dollar, it got too expensive.  Again, it’s a lawyer thing, settle and save $$, fight and we could lose more money.  In one case the plaintiff signed the settlement papers, and the following day scheduled a physical with my doctor.  Yep, the same one she had for 15 years and sued for “inappropriate touching.” Yep, after claiming to be victimized, she was so mad and angry that she wanted to go back the next day for more.
  9. Too many idiots trying to play doctor.  I know at least one. They Google or watch the TV for affirmation about what they believe.  This person was convinced he could get off his anti-depression pills because “it was time,” he didn’t.  While this person didn’t go to my doctor, he told me numerous stories as well.  Folks, when you tell your doctor about mental health issues; especially suicide, you don’t ever get off the pill; no matter what Google or your cable news channel host says.
  10. His 2 children are going to law school.  Yep, the family business is over.  They would rather sue and collect than research and listen.  It broke his heart, but it’s a change in America and it isn’t good.
  11. There are 2 genders.  This actually is science; you know like the Covid vaccine was marketed as?  Check out what puberty blockers are.  BTW you are being a colossal dickhead for trying to make any doctor sign off on this procedure.  Just go to the local murderer of the unborn, at least you won’t be putting someone’s medical license in jeopardy.  Don’t believe me?  If you are here in California and approach your doctor about this, watch them squirm and get uncomfortable really quick. Said California doctors will not stick their neck out to save your child when such action will cost them their medical license.

Not an exhaustive list but you see the point.  The independent doctor is now a thing of the past.  Say hello to large corporations buying up and creating “in house” options to save $$ and overhead.  Get off your damn computer, put the remote down, and quit listening to doctors like Anthony Fauci who don’t practice medicine.  We have a massive crisis coming here and it’s not going to get better.  I want a free-thinking doctor who researches, not a mindless dolt who is scared to be sued.  And my god quit this mental health BS.

The Chief