Haley’s X Account Bites Her in the Butt

That sage prophet of our times, Scott Adams, is known for the axiom,” There is a right way, a wrong way, and the weasel way”. Last week, Nikki Haley showed her true colors on X (formerly Twitter) by taking the weasel way and getting caught with her proverbial pants down.

Oh, Troll, sorry for that visual.

Anyway, Nikki showed she knows as much about computers as actually leading America—which is to say she is totally unqualified. On her X account she displayed this letter of praise from a follower.

The post reads:

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR FIGHT!! In a world that’s become crazy with strife, we need a level headed conservative leader to navigate us through the insanity! NO ONE is more capable than you are to right the ship, and heal this great nation! WE NEED you Nikki! This country NEEDS you. Our allies, and the beautiful people of this world need you!

I don’t want to see you give up, and I guarantee you there are millions more out there who feel exactly as I do!

Michael B.

Unfortunately, this glittering endorsement has a few problems as folks were happy to point out to her.

Please note that this was posted on the official Nikki Haley X (Twitter) account.

As REdState pointed out:

But many people noticed a problem with the “email.” Someone appears to have forgotten to hit send and there’s no address header and no subject. Not to mention, it says “new message” in the left-hand corner. Whoever sent this out didn’t understand what it was showing.

For those from Rio Linda this means Nikki wrote this on her account about herself and forgot to do anything to make it look like it was sent to her. Like so many other women do when necessary, she faked it and then tells you how good she was.

But it gets even better. Here’s another comment.

Folks, they forgot to hit the “Send” button on the email and show it as a received message in their Inbox, instead of one they composed themselves.

Nikki just proved that she has an IQ approximating room temperature. However, let’s take a quick look at the content of her fake message.

Is Nikki running for President of the United States or President of the World? She seems confused on this point. “…The beautiful people of this world need you!”

Oh gag me. Nikki’s number one promise if elected is not to make America a great nation, it’s to write a blank check to Israel. Nikki also wants us in Ukraine as well. She wants to be Nikki Haley, world policebabe. She wants to create good paying jobs at home by building and selling munitions to the rest of the planet. Can we call her George W Bush in drag?

As recently as today, Nikki is claiming that she will win the Republican nomination for President. She’s only trailing Trump by 35 points in her home state of South Carolina. Folks this babe is a legend in her own mind and if she believes she has a chance to win, she is every bit as delusional as Joe Biden. At least we know Joe has dementia but what’s her excuse?