My Thoughts on Israel/Hamas

What the Hamas terror group did is horrific.  I use the present tense because they are still holding/torturing hostages, American citizens included.  No matter your political or religious beliefs cutting people’s heads off, killing babies, and torturing people is wrong. 

As a sidebar, I do not agree with Israel cutting off the water and power supply to Gaza.  As I will explain later, this helps create a narrative that Israel is committing war crimes as well.

The dirty little secret in that part of the world (Middle East), I trust nothing that comes out of there as far as news goes.  Pretty much every country over there double deals and values their own interests/religion over anyone else’s.  Israel is our only true ally in that space. I say that in a literal sense because Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and Bahrain typically have been found to be pretty weak allies of ours depending on the enemy.  Sure, we have a large air base in Qatar, I’m sure we likely pay a heavy price in dollars to have it there.  Yes, Egypt and Jordan seem to come down on our side when it comes to Israel and not letting Gaza refugees cross their borders. Oh, Egypt is allowing us to use the Suez Canal; at least for now, but again at what cost?  Don’t believe me?  Check out the foreign aid sent to these countries each year! 

In addition, many countries in that region are aligned with China, Russia, and North Korea, three countries who either legit hate us (Russia and North Korea) or have no real use for us in this conflict (China).  They love nothing more than to see our military spread even further.  Think about it, Russia knows we would prefer to supply Israel than Ukraine, so they win on that front.  China wants Taiwan, and us moving our carrier strike groups that way lessens our ability to help Taiwan.  North Korea?  Well, they get to taunt us even more.  Add Iran, Yemen, Lebanon, and Afghanistan to that list as well, who are actively supporting the Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthi terror groups in that area.  Groups who hate Israel. The Mid-east is a web of competing interests that are being united in their opposition to Israel and the United States.

Add a wild card, Turkey.  Turkey is the 2nd biggest army in NATO (ally of ours) in the region.  They have been very vocal about us sending all those aircraft carriers, destroyers, and cruisers to the area. 

Turkey is correct about wondering aloud why we are sending all those ships.  It does from afar look like a provocation.  While I do not agree with Turkey’s president about us/Israel committing genocide, and completely disagree with him saying Hamas is a liberation group, I do think he misspoke.  One thing about Turkey they have the ears/eyes of both sides all over this region.  They have open dialogues with Russia, while supplying Ukraine with drones.  They are also in talks with Israel, while being able to speak to Hamas.  I know he cancelled his trip to Israel this week, but he wants to negotiate a peace deal.  I believe him.

Back to the war.

Israel needed to strike back at Hamas, they always do.  Most of the time they strike back 3-4x harder.  However, this time it’s different.  The killing of innocent people at a concert, beheading babies, old people, taking hostages, torture is a horse of a different color.  Israel is going to militarily attack the Gaza strip.  They want to wipe Hamas off the globe.  They have had enough. 

What is happening now is the cause of dividing the world in that region.  Jordan and Egypt say no refugees are welcome from Gaza.  This is because they don’t want the terrorists firing from their countries because this pisses off the USA and next thing you know Israel is lobbing rockets into their countries.  Turkey is warning us to back off the ships we sent into that area.  Iran backed terror groups are firing missiles/drones at our bases in Syria and Iraq, so far, we know 21 military folks have been injured.  Iran, Yemen, and North Korea are going to supply Israel’s adversaries with all they need for this war. 

The heart of the problem here is that Israel has no allies in the area.  Egypt and Jordan merely tolerate them.  All the Muslim countries basically hate them, they are in affect isolated. 

Enter Lindsey Graham, Joe Biden, and the globalists. 

So, we started sending our military might to this area.  The ships are already there.  Our bases in Syria (I do not understand this at all) and Iraq are getting more troops.  We supposedly activated 2,000 troops; I believe this is closer to 20,000, but I digress.  Our meager involvement thus far has evoked a response of laughter from the world.  Israel basically told us F-off.  Iran, North Korea, and Russia are daring us to do something stupid.  The terror groups love this.  Turkey is now likely questioning its role in NATO and all for what?  No one respects us anymore because we are not a superpower.  Our military cares more about pronouns and vaccines than training.  It’s sad.

My solution?

Hard to say.  Israel seems hell bent on going in with tanks and troops and “cleansing Hamas off the earth.”  If they want to do it, I say go for it, but with caution.  There is a reason I think Turkey has ratcheted up the rhetoric.  The area is unstable and is likely going to turn into a powder keg if the tanks move into the Gaza strip.  Put simply, if Israel moves in, I think Iran and their terror friends turn Israel into a microwave.  It will get really ugly, really quick.  Knowing the USA, we will somehow get ourselves right in the middle and WW3 will break out.  We will find out who our friends are, and I think more people dislike Israel than like us. 

Simply put, we shouldn’t be operating in that region.  Haven’t we lost enough young people already?  Also, at what stage do we have to worry about our own stockpiles?  We have given a ton to Ukraine and Israel.  Let Turkey decide on a solution in that area.  They do not want missiles flying over their country.  Dirty little secret is the other oil producing states don’t want that either. 

The Chief