Former Placer Health Chief Takes Gig in Yolo County

By Chief

On a quiet summer day, on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Year of Our Lord 2020, Placer County Chief Health Officer (AKA the Beilensen of Placer County) Dr. Aimee Sisson, stepped down from her perch. She took aim at the Placer Supervisors on the way out after they took action to re-open their county (in accordance with Comrade Newsom’s tiered system mind you.)

She leveled this doozy prior to leaving the job….

“She said the move by the Placer County Board of Supervisors “made it clear” she could no longer “effectively serve” in her role. State law requires each county to have a health officer.”

I am not sure exactly what she means by that. The county hit the numbers required by the Governor and was allowed to do a partial re-opening. No laws were being skirted or broken…unless you disagreed with the Governor’s edict; which apparently Sisson does…… She is being named the Public Health Chief for Yolo (Dark Blue) County 10/1.

Check out this statement from Sisson………

“Being a local health officer is challenging during a pandemic, but this is what I have trained for. I look forward to using my skills to keep the community healthy, whether the threat is COVID-19, obesity, mental illness, wildfire smoke, or poverty,” she said in a prepared statement.

Again, that’s rich; obesity? Mental health? You shut down the gyms and made non-essential health procedures impossible to obtain! How about health and well-being? How many folks are skipping routine doctor, dentist, scans, screenings etc. due to you and your ilk having no clue how to react to a “pandemic?”

Worse yet, I looked into this person’s background and prior to her being Placer County Health Chief, she served 10 years for CA Department of Public Health. That’s right folks! We got ourselves another Bielenson and Fauci here. Next to zero real world experience, hasn’t seen a patient in decades, mostly devoid of any non-governmental service…. means zero credibility to me.

Best news here for Aimee is she can now count on a State of CA pension, a Placer County pension, and soon a Yolo county pension! Nice work if you can get it. These folks are literal con men but rather than doing it to shareholders/seniors/or the unexpecting, they do it to the taxpayers while the political types look the other way!

Also congrats Aimee. You moved to a county that will listen to your BS and take it as gospel. From seeing your picture above, I’d guess you’d be a good fit for a community like Davis. Good luck to the folks in Yolo, this whacko is now in charge of letting you open back up again.

BTW who spells their name Aimee? Total sociopath move!

The Chief