The Walking Dead S-3 Finally Predictions

This week-end marks the season three finally of The Walking Dead. The war with Woodberry appears about to explode. In the previews, you can see a guard tower at the prison explode so it looks like the Governor and company will attack.

Based on what I think I know, this is what I will look for on Sunday night:
• The contract with the small town where AMC is filming the Woodberry portion of the series was a two year deal, thus I think the Woodberry story line will not wrap-up until next season.
• Daryl will be out for payback after last week’s episode. Will he act like a berserker and shoot everything that he sees (most likely) or be like a sniper, waiting for a kill shot?
• The actor that play Rick reportedly said 27 will perish in the finally.
• The “Rick is crazy” story needs to fade away.
• Baby—reportedly, the baby did not live in the comic so I think she will stay with someone in Woodberry once the Governor is dispatched. Even in this show, I don’t think they will kill an infant. Typically babies are written out of story when not needed on a television show.
• One of the following will perish—Hershel, Maggie or Glen. Glen proposed to Maggie and her dad approved. They would not show this if it did not matter.
• Andrea will meet her end.
• The Governor’s helper will betray him and then perish.
• Rick’s son will kill someone in a cold and ruthless way.

How the Governor should be killed-off:
My idea is that he will lose his other eye and then be surrounded by walkers. The camera will pan back for a wider shot and fade to back as he screams.

Update 04-02-2013
I made ten comments/predictions on the finally of The Walking Dead Season 3. So how did I do?
Correct I said that the Governor & company would attack the prison.
Wrong I said the town of Woodberry would continue into next season—not known but I’m thinking I was wrong on this one.
Wrong Daryl did almost nothing in the episode so I was wrong about him.
Correct Rick rumor of 27 dead was right-why was a surprise twist.
Correct It looks like “Rick is Crazy” was put to rest.
Wrong Baby not living happily ever after in Woodberry
Wrong Hershel, Maggie and Glen live into next season?
Correct Andrea is gone-right big-time
Correct Governor’s helper is gone
Correct Rick’s son kills someone in cold and ruthless way

6 Correct
4 Wrong

Six correct is not bad for 46 minutes of television.

I wonder if the Governor will be back… New season, new show runner in October