Obama Defends Record on Infanticide

Barack Obama has taken off after Gianna Jessen for accurately portraying him as voting four times to support infanticide while has was an Illinois Senator. Gianna is running her ad in two states, New Mexico and Ohio. Her ad is here.

When people point-out that the Democrat Messiah has no clothes he can’t take it.

Barack is so thin skinned that he trying like hell to avoid the light of truth on his record. At the same time, he is elevating these ads to nationwide prominence. This is making the life issue, front and center of the presidential debate at the very time that many voters are just trying to get informed about the election.

This gives Senator McCain and Governor Palin the wedge issue they need to both energize the Republican base while simultaneously illustrating just how radical and evil the policies of Obama really are. This is literally holding up the crucifix to the demons and watching them have a “Linda Blair” moment of national TV.

Obama is going down in flames and he knows it. Barry is about to learn the old proverb that “failure is an orphan.”