Why 24 Nukes Liberals

Why is it that when any of the big three television networks nuke part of the United States they are considered visionary and creative but when Fox does it on their show “24” they are going beyond the bounds of good entertainment?

NBC nuked Charleston South Carolina back in the 1980’s. Others programs and movies have nuked Kansas, Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas, New York, Maryland and many other places. Not too long ago, CSI Miami foiled a dirty bomb plot in south Florida. The whole plot of Heroes this season is preventing a thermonuclear detonation in New York City. Another movie, Manhattan Project, showed in detail how to design and build a suitcase-sized nuke. Why is it when 24 lights one off in southern California that all hell breaks loose in the media?

This is really crazy. The more you think about it, the less this feigned outrage seems to make sense. But look again.

Most of these movies and TV shows can be put in two categories. They are obviously fiction—Sci-Fi, thriller or action flicks—or blame the warmongering US military. If you stay in either category then the Liberals will leave you alone or even endorse your production.

Many nuke films in the 1980’s had the political undercurrent that we couldn’t control our own weapons and shouldn’t have them; especially the ones targeting the peace loving peoples of the Soviet Union. In the NBC film and many others, we nuked ourselves because we couldn’t control our weapons. War Games taught that the only way to win is not to play.

24 dares to get into the realm of the possible. Their program however doesn’t blame Republican administrations for having militaristic ambitions that they can’t control. Instead in 24, they actually have the gall to say that Islamic Fundamentalists want to harm our country and destroy our way of life. These terrorists would do this if they could. Unfortunately for Liberals, this is the same message that George Bush has been proclaiming since 9-11.

The Liberal hate and outrage is triggered because Bush supporters believe that something like 24 is portraying will happen if we don’t support the Bush administration.

It is unfortunate that the Liberal hatred of Bush is greater than their sworn oath to protect and defend the United State from all enemies. As a result, the Liberals have become the domestic enemies that the Founders warned us to vigilantly oppose.