Dr. Henry M Morris: The Genesis Flood author dies

Dr. Henry M. Morris died last Saturday. He was regarded as “the father of the Modern Creation Movement.” His book, The Genesis Flood which he coauthored with John C. Whitcomb in 1961 is still a must read for anyone interested in this area of Christian Apologetics.

I remember reading The Genesis Flood in junior high school in the ‘70’s. This book gave me the confidence that science and Scripture were in harmony not locked in mortal combat as many falsely contend.

Dr. Morris was director of the Institute for Creation Research. He did his undergraduate work at Rice University and his M.S. and Ph.D. studies at the University of Minnesota. His specialty was hydrology.

Dr. Morris authored over sixty books on various aspects of the subject. For those who have read this book or the hundreds of others that have grown out of this man’s work, I know that you will miss him. Thankfully others have taken up the work which he helped to pioneer.