Rob Roy is no MacGregor

Liberals haven’t had an original idea for decades but they are good about repackaging their filthy rags and trying to sell them to us again. One such case was argued before the US Supreme Court today.

As a show of solidarity for this case, Rob Roy (no relation to the Scottish hero) and his band of merry men (oops persons) at the student senate at the University of California Davis campus have decided to ban the Army ROTC program from the campus because of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy enacted by their beloved President Bill Clinton.

Hey Rob, your Liberal brethren already tried banning ROTC back during the first Gulf War—when you were in preschool. And guess what? Congress passed a law that any school that bans ROTC can educate their students without any federal monies including those for student loans.

I know that you just want to show solidarity with your academically shallow comrades that took this before the US Supreme Court today but you’re over a decade later with your hate America rhetoric. Congress has spoken and there are no grounds for the Court to overturn this law.

If you truly believe that America is so evil, why don’t you move to France or Iran? I’m sure that you’ll find lots of folks there that feel like you do.

The Fridge on the Freeway

In the movie Gumball Rally, there is a scene where the driver of a sporty convertible is preparing to enter the race from New York to Los Angeles. As part of his pre-race checklist, he reaches up and breaks-off the rearview mirror. The driver then tosses it over his shoulder and behind the car. His partner is shocked. When asked why he did that the drive responds, “What’s behind us doesn’t matter”.

While this philosophy is a hazardous way to drive, it is even more irresponsible when you are hauling furniture. On Saturday my wife and I loaded the family car and headed to the East Bay to do some shopping and see some family members. On the way we had to slow to a near crawl because someone had dumped a once comfortable chair into the number two lane where it had been struck by several other vehicles and caused a major backup in the middle of nowhere.

If someone had secured the chair better then this hazardous situation would have been avoided.

I thought that was about as bad as these incidents get, but I was wrong. That night on the way home I encountered a full sized refrigerator in the second lane of a three-lane highway while going 70 miles per hour! It was sitting upright even though it had been hit by at least one vehicle before I came upon it. At first all I saw was a silhouette that made me think it was a cardboard box but then it was obvious that it was white. My mind registered what it was and I took evasive action as I missed the refrigerator and the parts that had broken off of it. Then I noticed the small car on the side of the road with its flashers on because it had hit the wayward icebox moments earlier.

In both instances, it is negligent and irresponsible behavior that drivers would let cargo they are hauling simply slip off the back of a truck and keep going down the freeway thinking that what’s behind them doesn’t matter.

It is unfortunate that many of us live our lives with the same attitude as these drivers. This is the time of year when we look at the good that our lives can do for others. If you want to contemplate the way that your life touches others; then take some time out of you schedule and dust-off your copy of Its a Wonderful Life , pop some corn and spend an evening counting your blessings. And be careful out there!