Visiting Narnia

I took a journey to Narnia this weekend with my children. Unfortunately, my one year old decided that he didn’t want to see the movie. However, the portions that I did see were wonderful. My other children enjoyed it and thought it was much like the book.

I had doubts about bringing this book to the big screen but it works wonderfully. The book by C.S. Lewis is treated seriously and rather faithfully. The texture of the film is great. The characters seem real. Aslan and the beavers were great special effects.

The little girl that plays Lucy is wonderful. Her look of surprise when she first encounters the wardrobe is brilliant. Her eyes in that scene are captivating. The other children in the film are well chosen for their parts.

The film is great. This is the type of family film that Jonathan Frakes has wanted to make but never been successful in creating. The gang at Walden has a real winner. This film is in the Disney tradition with which Walt himself would be proud to be associated.

Take your family and enjoy the film. It is worth full price.