Catholic School Expells Student for Pro-Life Views

I have been following the strange saga of Katelyn Sills and Loretto High School for several weeks without rendering any comments until now. I’m now ready to chime in on this whole situation.

For those of you that haven’t been following this story lets me quickly summarize. Marie Bain was a drama teacher at a Loretto High School. In her spare time she was also a clinic escort at the local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Oh, Loretto is a Roman Catholic School. This is an obvious conflict with established church doctrine and the moral example that Loretto should expect from its faculty. Once this double life was brought to the attention of the school administration, the school did nothing. Frustrated beyond words, Katelyn’s mother appealed this issue to the local Bishop, William K. Weigand. The Bishop thoroughly investigated this matter and decided that there were sufficient grounds to dismiss Bain. A few weeks later, the school administration retaliated by expelling Katelyn and her sister.

The fact that Marie Bain was perfectly fine being a clinic escort is all that you really need to know about her. I have spent my share of time protesting in front of abortion clinics and normal people that like abortion don’t do that sort of activity. Only zealots who believe in a culture of death will participate in the murder of unborn children. The women that I encountered as escorts were either hardcore members of the National Organization of Women (NOW), lesbians from the local Lambda Community Center, dumb girls recruited from Women’s Studies Department at Sac State or imports from San Francisco.

For Marie Bain to be a teacher at a Catholic School is anathema to everything that the Roman Church believes. As a teacher, you represent the school 24/7. Anything you do in public reflects back on the school.

Marie Bain has responded to her firing by filing complaints with two California state agencies: Department of Labor and Department of Fair Employment and Housing. These complaints will set the groundwork for her to file suit for wrongful termination against Loretto and Catholic Diocese of Sacramento.

Too bad for Loretto that Katelyn is an established blogger.
 This incident has received both national and international exposure. I have seen posts on Katelyn’s site from a host of other states plus England and Canada. Articles have run on WorldNetDaily, LifeSite and RenewAmerica and a host of other sites. This has turned into a BlogSwarm.

Katelyn is on the verge of becoming a conservative symbol of what’s wrong with America on the same magnitude as Terri Schiavo. Loretto may not readmit Katelyn to school but their hypocrisy has severely hurt their reputation as a Catholic institution.

My thanks to Andy Nevis at California High School Conservative for filling in the gaps in this story until Katelyn’s attorney gives her the “green light” tell us the rest of the story.